Intergenerational teams go annually to the Peña Blana area to provide construction assistance, VBS, and medical clinics, in association with the group Jeremiah 29:11. This group has a mission to house, feed, and educate abused adolescents in Honduras who otherwise would be homeless and at risk.


Rivermont began construction and medical mission trips in 1993, to Leogane, Haiti. Several churches came together to form the Children’s Nutrition Program (CNP), which helps train Haitian women as montrices to their villages. The churches, including Rivermont, still send medical teams, but developing leadership of local people allowed the mission effort to shift from operational support to administrative and management support. The Friends of Momance (FoM) organization continues to be “boots on the ground” for Leogane, which was the epicenter of an earthquake in 2010. North American churches, including Rivermont, formed FoM to empower local citizens to improve their community, through education and adequate nutrition, housing and healthcare.

Living Waters for the World

As a ministry of the Living Waters synod, of which Rivermont is part, this organization trains, equips and supports local volunteers ​to install and sustain water purification systems and health education programs that transform lives. Rivermont has sent teams to communities in the Appalachians, Honduras, and Haiti.

Madagascar: Dan & Elizabeth Turk

Rivermont  directly supports the Turks’ ministries of health, environment, agriculture and safe drinking water. Dan helps students at the nearby seminary learn to grow native fruits and vegetables that slash-and-burn practices have threatened. The new pastors then use these skills to help their communities and families achieve improved food security and nutrition. Elizabeth’s main focus is community health and HIV/AIDS, especially training, program design and implementation. The health professionals at rural dispensaries work to prevent and treat the major illnesses that threaten health: malaria, measles, diarrhea and pneumonia.

Morgan Scott Project

MSP provides emergency aid to those in need and provides about 125 boxes of food/month through a food pantry.  Each year volunteers repair about 20 homes for elderly and disabled citizens.  Christmas gifts are provided to approximately 2,000 children each year.